Although Ma'an Governorate has the largest area of the Kingdom, it has the lowest population density. The climate in Ma'an is mostly desert climate and the region is reportedly unstable and unsafe, even though it host the ancient site of Petra which is flooded by tourists from all over the world. Last data from the UNHCR shows that 7,558 people of concern are settled in the area. We have reached newly settled families that have escaped Azraq.

The community we meet has just arrived. They are building up a new ITS.

Only few people stay here during summer.

It's too warm: living conditions are vey hard.

We meet with a man who has been forcibly relocated to Azraq and left the camp several times.

“We feel like thieves”

Afraid of being caught by the police, people live hiding and moving as little as possible.

A woman tell us her story. She has no documents, as well as her husband.

Her uncle died in a camp, because of the hard living conditions. They buried him there and move again.

When she moves she hide inside a water tank on a truck not to be seen.

“We are afraid of police”