The land of Karak Governorate is situated along the coast of the Dead Sea. According to the UNHCR there are 8,541 people of concern registered in the area. Here Syrian refugees are living in poor urban area and in very remote settlements of difficult access due to their illegal conditions.

The city of Karak is located 130 km south of Amman and it is famous for its Crusader castle

This man and his family are living in Karak. Their documents were confiscated in Azraq

After leaving Azraq Camp, they always hide from the police

Not only this woman had her daughter forcibly relocated to Azraq, but she had to hide the news from her father.

They also had their documents confiscated in Azraq

A police station in Karak. Many Syrian Refugees are afraid to visit police stations. Some of them were arrested after they had spontaneously visited a police station to carry out bureaucratic procedures concerning their documentation.

We meet with a woman who was arrested while trying to renew her security card and forcibly relocated to Azraq Camp.

Her son was ill. The police, on her request, brought him to the camp. Her husband was left behind without any explanation.

The desert in Karak Governatorate

We meet with a young family: forcibly relocated to Azraq, they spent six months there.

Their daughter was born in the camp.