The Amman Governorate has the largest population of the governorates of Jordan. Amman is the capital and most populous city of Jordan, and the country's economic, political and cultural centre. The total number of Syrian Refugees in Jordan by end of November 2017 is 655,588 individuals, of whom 185,455 are located in urban and rural areas of Amman. Lack of financial means, irregular work permits and consequent fear of authorities, force families to live in unsafe condition and isolation.

The suburbs of Amman.

We meet with a man who couldn't register the birth of his last daughter because he was too busy trying to save the life of his cancer-ill son. INTERSOS helped them solve this problem.

His son is now doing better. He has completely recovered from the chemotherapy.

Many Syrians live here since the beginning of the war. Children born in Jordan had never seen Syria. Many of them are unregistered, deprived of their identity.


A baby sleeping under a veil to protect him from mosquitos.

A woman who decided to leave Zaatari Camp because she didn't feel safe. Now she is completely alone, and she feels responsible for her family

Her daughter.

View of Amman from the Temple of Hercules.

Moving to the desert south of Amman

We meet with a community of nomadic shepherds.

They say they like to live here in the desert: they are nomads.

Their living condition improved since they got regular papers.


People without documents are afraid to be sent to prison or deported to Azraq Camp.